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About Leslie:

When I discovered the law and its promise of equity, I was instantly captivated. All the more so because it also wooed me with its intellectual challenge -- a sure fire way to reconnect with the school girl "computer brain" in me.

After law school at the University of Washington, USA, I was privileged to serve as a judicial clerk for the Honorable William W. Baker of the Washington State Court of Appeals, USA. For two years, I steeped in research, writing, and making recommendations. The work was exhilarating and engrossing.

I intend one day to return to the court as a judge.

And now? My work is filled with the practice of family law. I practice with my partner, Mark Olson, helping our clients to restructure their lives. Some of the cases are large, some small, some complex, and some simple. We negotiate, settle, fight in court, win and sometimes lose.

The work continues to be rich in intellectual challenge and equity, both of which will keep me at this for a long time.